Testimonials from UCLA and American Language Center students


All testimonials are true and were sent to Vive Campus on their own initiative.

I am now working in a Marketing company closed to the beach in L.A.






After completing my major in Chile , I decided to study English in Los Angeles , California . I had heard about these English courses at UCLA Extension, so I decided to go there for 6 months. Among my classmates and friends in Chile , I was one of the worst students in the English classes. I always thought that it would be impossible to learn English, because I didn't have the enough skills, but once I was there I realized that it was different as I thought. I had classes from 9am to 3pm with classmates that didn't speak Spanish, and therefore, the only language that I could use to communicate with them was English, and after the classes I had to keep speaking in English. After a while, without even noticing, I understood almost everything and I spoke fluent English without thinking in Spanish first .. I even started dreaming in English… haha . Anyway…short story, I've been here in L.A. for almost 3 years. After the English classes, I took the TOEFL, I obtained the enough score to study a certificate program in Marketing at UCLA Extension, which last around 1 year. After finishing this program, I got a work permit (which anyone can obtain after completing a certificate program at UCLA Extension ) ..and I am now working in a Marketing company closed to the beach in L.A. I highly recommend these programs at UCLA Extension, not only for the high quality of the classes but also for the opportunities that they gave me.

Boris Aliaga - Chile

UCLA Extension, simply the best decision I've made for my career.

"I studied International Trade and Commerce at UCLA extension and now I am working in an international trading company in Los Angeles , CA .
The fact that all of the courses were very practical, rather than being only theoretical allowed me to do an internship in the USA, which helped me tremendously in finding a job here in always-sunny SoCal . This experience is not only about career, but also about finding yourself. No matter how old you are and where you are in your life, you experience another life here that takes you to the other side of the world. Meeting people from other countries, and making close friends is not something you can always explain to others, but it is something you should live. It feels like you grow more and more with each person you meet and share with. Seeing different cultures makes you realize how much there is to live and learn.
From my UCLA Extension experience, I now know my abilities and strengths much better than before. If you are dedicated to achieving your goals like I am, UCLA Extension is an essential tool in helping you attain them. "

Yasemin Aykan - Turkey

UCLA is a vibrant, fun university that offers quality education and a gorgeous campus

"I am happy to see that there is a website dedicated to help future students! I am a UCLA graduate who studied abroad, and I strongly recommend not only UCLA and the experience of studying abroad, but also Vive Campus - UCLA extension.
UCLA is a vibrant, fun university that offers quality education and a gorgeous campus. As you explore Los Angeles ' broad range of resources, sightseeing opportunities, and activities, you will probably want to make use of UCLA's Big Blue Bus ( ).
As far as the campus goes, I really enjoyed relaxing and studying in the sculpture garden and the Powell library. The shows and talks held at Royce Hall ( ) are often both discounted for students and worthwhile.
UCLA is nestled in Westwood Village, which is home to cafes, bars, hookah lounges, and the occasional red-carpet, celebrity-filled movie premier. The nearby Getty museums and the Hammer Museum are also fun to explore.
When you are enjoying the greater Los Angeles area, I recommend taking advantage of the nightlife and musical talent (check out
) that are so various and abundant in the city. As a student, I especially enjoyed the beaches of Malibu , the Santa Monica Pier, and rollerblading along Venice Beach .
I no longer live in Los Angeles , but I miss it!! If you have any questions, I would be happy give you more specific recommendations to the best of my ability as you enjoy your time at UCLA. "

Jennifer Riley - San Jose , California


Last week I finished my AIEP and I can say that it has been one of the best experiences of my life. I remember the first day, when I was nervous because I didn't know anybody and I had to speak in English by myself. Immediately, this feeling changed just when I finished my evaluation test and I went with the rest of the classmates to visit the campus. Everybody was in the same situation as me, all together had to do an effort to understand each other because we spoke different languages, so we only could speak in English between us.
It was fantastic, I will never forget this day. I didn't stop to meet new people from different countries. It's amazing when you can connect with people around the world. I had never imagined that I could speak in English; however I haven't stopped since then.
I can't forget about the teachers who have achieved that each classmate goes back home with a great memory about this course. I'm very grateful. Moreover, I have to stand out the campus and its facilities which are awesome. It's an incredible campus like a small city with lots of people and a lot of things to do; there are shops, a fitness center, a swimming pool, restaurants and all the things that young people can need.
Sincerely, I recommend this course for everybody who wants to learn English. Not only, the classes are fantastic, but also the campus life and the environment. It's much more than a study trip; it's a voyage where someone grows up personal and professionally. The result is worth it.

Elena Milian - España

I started with an English program for 3 months which allowed me to achieve the necessary score on the TOEFL for a Real Estate and Business program in the same academic institution.

After studying civil engineering wanted to study English abroad. To do this I decided to continue my studies at UCLA Extension. I started with an English program for 3 months which allowed me to achieve the necessary score on the TOEFL for a Real Estate and Business program in the same academic institution. The experience of being part of this University is amazing both academically and socially. Most teachers I had in the business program were managers of renowned companies that did not hesitate to pass their knowledge and experiences. During my stay I had access to all campus libraries, gymnasiums, swimming pools, etc .. The University is located between the neighborhoods of Beverly Hills , Bel Air and Santa Monica beach. More tourism and safe impossible. I recommend 100% to study at UCLA Extension. The program of English and business programs made me grow as a person and professional. Currently I work as a representative of UCLA Extension. I help you in all you need related with these programs. All payments are made directly to UCLA. There is no extra fee for helping with the application to this prestigious institution.

Nelson Aliaga - Chile

The entertainment world also chooses UCLA Extension

UCLA Extension has been chosen by famous actors and singers from countries like Japan , Turkey , Spain , Mexico , Colombia , Peru , Korea or Argentina to learn English or to specialize in some area. In the Latin world we have the examples of Thalia of Mexico or Colombia 's Shakira to name a few.

"In January, 1990 she traveled to the United States for a year. At the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) she learned the English language, took classes in singing, piano, bass, physical culture, jazz and modern dance, acting, diction, aesthetics and dance. She learned to play the saxophone and piano. With a new image (which was criticized by many) she returned to Mexico , launching the first record carrying her name, Thalía ".

Paragraph taken from the Biography of Thalia in Wikipedia :ía

"After her Oral Fixation tour ended in summer 2007, Shakira audited a class in Los Angeles at UCLA, on the History of Western Civilization. She used her middle and last names, Isabel Mebarak , and told the professor she was visiting from Colombia so as to avoid being recognized as a celebrity".

Paragraph taken from the Biography of Shakira in Wikipedia :

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